Approaching and transitioning through puberty can be a challenging time for you and your daughter. Her hormones, body and mind are changing; she may be experiencing menstrual problems, mood swings, acne and other health concerns.

Let me support you and your daughter on this journey, guiding you both to feel understood and empowered to rediscover balance in her unique body and mind.

An online program for girls aged 11- 16 years, who are wanting to be the best version of themselves, who want to shine!

Be the best version of yourself and shine
  • a self-paced, six module online course

  • modules contain videos, downloadable workbook and more

  • discover how your food, exercise and lifestyle choices affect your body during puberty

  • parental support & guidance highly recommended 

  • suitable for use by parents alone wanting to gain knowledge on how best to support their daughter through puberty 

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Combining my online 'Nourish & Shine' program with 1:1 support is a great way for you and your daughter to understand the nutrition and lifestyle needs of her unique body to thrive and shine. 

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​1:1 support includes

  • an initial nutrition consultation to understand your daughter's specific needs and her health goals

  • six further appointments to guide and support you in the changes you implement to create healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits promoting balance and strength from within

Parenting360™ is a personalised approach to understanding your unique child, including your teen, through an online course providing you with insight into your child's individual health needs, their strengths, their behaviours and the best way to support and connect with them. You'll discover practical ways to encourage your child, your family and yourself to thrive in a cohesive, understanding and supportive family environment. 


As an endorsed Parenting360™ coach, I offer 1:1  coaching to families that encourages confidence, compassion and understanding of each individuals uniqueness, facilitating a healthy, thriving family unit and individuals within.

For more information on the Parenting360™  coaching, contact Julie. 

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