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Find your lost energy, lighten your crazy moods and win your weight battle.

You CAN be active, happy and healthy in your 40s & 50s too!

The IN SYNC Method is the best way to keep chaotic hormones in sync through perimenopause and beyond. 

As a woman in your 40s or beyond, you deserve to have fun and enjoy life but it's hard when you feel your body is letting you down and you don't have a plan.



You toss and turn in the night. You are tired before your day even starts. You fight the desire for an afternoon nap or a sweet snack to boost your energy. Then, wham! just as it’s ‘lights out’, you’re wide awake...another restless night. You lack energy to do family activities, your work suffers and you are unmotivated to do anything other than the essentials. 

It is possible to re-sync your body clock and re-align your activities to your natural rhythms, making the most of your energy cycles, nail that to-do list, and be active and fun once again.



You watch your calories. You’ve tried keto, paleo and low carb. You’ve bumped up the exercise (even though you’re exhausted too). And yet it’s not working. You just can’t seem to fit into your favourite pants any more. There’s too many squidgy bits. You feel heavy, unattractive and frustrated. 

Food, nutrition and exercise needs are different for everyone so understanding your unique biology enables you to sustain a healthy weight and be happy.



Each day something different aches - your back, your knees, your knuckles. You go about your day with a dull headache, like the world is sitting on your shoulders, pushing you down. You just hurt. You are irritable and intolerant. You are emotional. Some days you just feel like crying. And you don’t always know why. 

I can help you find out what your body needs to restore balance and ease from within, to nourish you, calm you and lift you.



You're worried about your high blood pressure or low iron. With a family history of diabetes, you’re concerned you're headed in the same direction. You feel unheard and dismissed about your brain fog, your low moods, low energy and overwhelm. You’ve tried different diets, various supplements and medications. Where else do you turn?

No need to search any further…The IN SYNC Method is not a diet but will provide you with the foundations for living the rest of your life being active, happy and healthy.


You are tired. You are tired of the weight gain, of the cloudy brain, of being moody, of feeling unhealthy. You are tired of being tired. You are frustrated, overwhelmed and confused. No one seems to quite understand. You feel alone




I hear you when you say it’s difficult and all too hard!  I understand too that today’s world is a challenging place for you as your hormones rollercoaster during your transition towards menopause.  


As women in our 40s and 50s, we need nourishment and space to adjust but the modern world and expectations don't allow for it.  


We are faced with

  • a constant juggle balancing work expectations, connecting with our teens and supporting our aging parents

  • supermarket shelves lined with ultra-processed foods that are more affordable and convenient than fruits, vegetables and other whole foods 

  • an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with less physical activity, especially since the shift to more home-based, online work. 

  • exposure to toxins hidden around us where they did not exist in previous generations, 

  • pressures from instability, be it relationship difficulties, home renos, financial worries or recovery from a global pandemic

Lack of time. Lack of consistency. Concerns that it will be all too hard. Worried that you’ll have to eat foods you don’t like and miss out on the ones that you love. Worried that you can’t commit. Not knowing quite where to start.




The obstacles seem too hard to overcome.


You could continue as you are. You could put it off for another day, for another week or another year. You could put it off until life settles down. Until you have time to focus on yourself. Until the kids are more independent or the kitchen reno has been done.


BUT in my experience as a mum, a wife, a business woman…. there is always something on and that perfect time just doesn’t happen.


You could keep going as you are.....

  • struggling with tiredness, feeling heavy, aches and pains, brain fog and overwhelm

  • ignoring these messages that your body gives that something needs to change

  • finding excuses that stop you from taking that first step

  • saying yes to others but not to yourself

  • spending hours searching the internet for more solutions rather than actually using this time to start implementing just one of them

Or you could.....

  • know exactly what your body's precise needs for nourishment and energy are through identifying your unique biology

  • embrace and understand the perimenopausal journey

  • be empowered to choose a path that is easier than the one that you are on

  • create time and space to implement your plan



The IN SYNC Method

A 6 week group program for women over 35 who want to thrive during their perimenopausal journey and beyond.  You deserve to be active, happy and healthy now and in the future.


Imagine having a personalised instruction manual for your body as well as a support crew gently pushing you across the start line, keeping you on track and cheering you along.  Common obstacles, like not knowing what to do, how to start and being inconsistent, are immediately overcome!

The IN SYNC Method is specifically designed for busy women, like you, 

to feel empowered, to understand what their body needs to do first to experience the greatest change and improvement in their health with the least amount of effort.

By joining The IN SYNC Method you will get the benefits of

And, you'll get the missing piece of the puzzle!

An Assessment of Your Unique Biology

THIS is why The IN SYNC Method is different to all the other program's you've tried! 

Your precise dietary, fitness and environmental needs for health will be revealed. This is your masterplan, your blueprint to resetting your body's natural rhythms, creating balance within

Join The IN SYNC Method and know that you are no longer alone on this journey towards menopause! 

You've got this and you can take little steps, whatever size steps that are manageable for you, towards reaching your goals of weight loss, energy, clarity and ease.

As part of The IN SYNC Method, you will be guided through the five foundational steps to successfully align your nutrition and lifestyle habits  with your unique body's needs.

Step 1: Identify & Discover - Identify where you are at now and where you want to be in 3, 6 or 12 months time. Discover what is happening during perimenopause and what is behind the common symptoms​

Step 2: Be Empowered - Take an assessment to reveal your unique biology. Gain access to a comprehensive set of recommendations across six key areas, including food and fitness, tailored to your specific body

Step 3: Get Ready - Set a short term goal with one or two simple tasks to facilitate a positive change with the least amount of effort. Learn how to create a clear plan and navigate the obstacles to ensure you will succeed

Step 4: Start Your Journey - Take one step at a time to work your way, at a pace that suits you, through each of the key areas: food, fitness, relationships, place, mind and genius

Step 5: Modify & Sustain - Keep practicing, set up new routines, new habits and don't give up. Adapt and see change that easily fits in with your family and life commitments


You will also receive these amazing bonuses worth over $200


One Month Access to Your Precise Food & Lifestyle Recommendations All within One Handy App

To get you started, you will have access to all of your precise recommendations, including food lists, recipes, exercises, mindfulness, and more for one month  

Valued at $75







Your PSP pinpoints the key area to focus on first to see significant improvement with the least amount of effort.  Information overload and procrastination be gone!

Valued at $147


How to


Any Obstacles Cheatsheet

Inconsistency or unexpected challenges often lead to failure to achieve your health goals. With this cheatsheet, these won't be your excuses this time

Valued at $22

“I would recommend this program because of the holistic approach and how accurate it's been about what I've needed to be healthier and happier."


  • Six Weekly Modules Guiding You Through The Five Steps of The IN SYNC Method (Valued at $497)

  • Six LIVE Online Group Coaching Calls  (Valued at $597)

  • Private Facebook Group (Priceless)


  • An Assessment of Your Unique Biology (Valued at $75 )


  • BONUS: One Month Access to Handy App with Your Precise Food & Lifestyle Recommendations includes food lists, recipes, exercises and more

(Valued at $75)

  • BONUS: Your Personalised Starter Plan (PSP) (Valued at $147)

  • BONUS: How to Overcome Any Obstacles Cheat Sheet (Valued at $22)

All this for $397


My name is Julie Landon

I'm an accredited nutritionist and a precision health coach based on the beautiful south coast of NSW, Australia. I'm also a busy woman in my 40s who's going through perimenopause too! I have seen my weight increase, my energy dip and changes to my menstrual cycle. So I get it. I know what you are going through! But, I have also discovered how to embrace this change, in a way that is sustainable and holistic, that can be enough on its own or complementary to hormone replacement therapies too. A way that uses food (and lifestyle) as medicine.   A way that is in alignment with my unique biology that understands my genetics and my environment around me. A way that works for me (and many of my clients).

Naturally, I want to share this knowledge and help others win their hormonal battle, setting themselves up for an active, happy and healthy perimenopause and beyond. I want to make it affordable and achievable for everyone ...... and so The IN SYNC Method has been created for women like you.

 I'd love to support you!


The IN SYNC Method IS for you if you are a woman in your mid-30s to mid-50s who

  • is experiencing weight gain that is hard to shift

  • is having difficulty sleeping, feels unrefreshed in the morning or needs a nap in the afternoon

  • is fed up with her body letting her down

  • believes, deep down, her hormones are changing and she is in perimenopause

  • is struggling to know who's advice to follow to get her health back on track

  • is prepared to establish and maintain long term habits suited to her biological needs

  • wants to minimise the risk of chronic health conditions in the future

The IN SYNC Method is NOT for you if you are 

  • not willing to embrace the change to your habits that your body needs

  • not open to try a natural and holistic approach to reducing your symptoms

  • looking for a magic pill or a quick, short term solution

  • not prepared to invest the time and energy required to give it your best shot now (making it easier to sustain in the long run)

  • not interested in understanding the underlying reasons to your symptoms

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm already busy - how much time do I need to commit?

As a minimum you should expect to commit 1-2 hours per week, to go through the week’s module, implementation of your chosen task(s) and joining the group call. To maximise your results, however, you may need to spend more time on some steps to adjust your nutrition and lifestyle habits. It may take a bit of time at the start to get into new routines but this will get better as new habits form and you’ll get more done with clearer thoughts and renewed energy.

Can I do this program if I have a chronic condition, on hormonal replacement therapy or other medications?

Yes, you can!

I have further questions. How can I contact you?

You can  submit a contact form here. I will respond as quickly as I can!

If you'd prefer a phone response, please let me know on the contact form.

How is The IN SYNC Method different from other nutrition programs?

The IN SYNC Method  utilizes an innovative and science-based tool to identify your unique food, fitness and lifestyle needs. It is based upon your individual genes, epigenetics, chronobiology and current and future disease risk;  a comprehensive and precise nutrition and lifestyle plan is created just for you. Combined with the ongoing guidance, support and encouragement of nutritionist and endorsed precision health coach Julie Landon, this makes The INSYNC Method very different from other more generalised nutrition programs.

Can I do this program if I am not in my 40s or 50s?

Absolutely, you can, especially if you are in your 30s and wanting to prepare ahead for perimenopause. If you are much younger (or older), please discuss with me first. 

Not ready to sign up now?  Then join the waitlist to stay informed when The IN SYNC Method is available again

Julie Landon Nutrition

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