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An A-Z of common children’s health issues

Updated: Feb 23

It is normal for our children to get sick from time to time. It's nature's way of enabling their young bodies to deal with bugs and to build up their immunity, preparing them to be more resistant as they get older.

Despite living in the modern world, with plenty of food/water, access to health care, improved sanitation and so on, many of our children are not actually as well and healthy as they could be. I’m not thinking about illnesses that are serious, or even those that necessarily warrant a day off school, in fact many of you may not even consider your child to be ‘unhealthy’; I’m thinking about the niggling things, the things your child might complain about but you might ignore or even the things that the health professionals never quite get to the bottom of.

Do you have a child who gets headaches? Itchy skin? Has tummy pains? Lacks concentration?…….

For some children’s health problems, it is recognised that the food the child is eating (or not eating) may be contributing significantly to the issue. Think food allergies and intolerances, think obesity, think malnutrition (yes, this is a problem even in Australia). But for several other common problems, there have been many cases in nutrition/naturopathic clinics where young clients have responded well simply to modifications in their diet and lifestyle choices, and changes to their environment.

Take a look at the following A-Z of common children’s health issues, which may improve* when supported by nourishing foods, quality vitamin & mineral supplements and lifestyle/environmental change.

A….allergies, asthma, acne, anxiety, ADHD, autism (ASD)

B….bronchitis, behavioural, bloating, breastfeeding issues

C….cradle cap, colic, constipation, coeliac disease, colds, cramps

D….dental carries, diarrhoea, depression, dry skin, diabetes

E….ear infections, enuresis (bed wetting)

F….fussy eating, flu, flatulence,

G….gastro, growing pains

H….hand,foot & mouth disease, hayfever, headaches

I….intolerances, immunity

L….lacks concentration, learning difficulties

M….malnutrition, migraines, mouth ulcers

N….nappy rash, nosebleeds, nervousness


P….puberty, period pains

R… reflux

S….stress, sinusitis, skin problems

T….tummy aches

U….upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), urinary tract infections (UTI)

V….vaccination support, vomiting, viruses

X….eczema (OK, I know there isn’t an ‘x’ in it but it certainly sounds like it!)

Y….yawning (tiredness)

W….warts, worms, weaning issues

Z…. zzz (sleep issues)

As a parent, I know you want the best for your child. I know you want your child to feel happy and well. If your child suffers from any of these, why not book an appointment with a nutritionist (or a naturopath) to see if your child’s health can be improved by dietary changes, nutritional support and lifestyle/environmental modifications.

*It should be noted that every child is different and will respond differently to any suggested dietary or lifestyle modifications. Often there are a number of factors influencing the child’s health condition so there are no guarantees to improved health. It is important not to ignore symptoms and signs of sub-optimal health for too long, particularly if your child is unwell (https://www.verywellhealth.com/when-to-take-your-child-to-the-doctor-770777) or the issue is recurrent. If you are worried about your child’s health, I recommend that you visit your GP first.


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