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Does the holiday season fuel or drain your energy?

With the Christmas holiday less than a week away, I wonder how exhausted you are? By now you’ve most likely attended a few extra events to your normal weekly routine - a few Christmas parties or kids concerts, or Carol Services or end of year celebrations. You may (or may not) have completed your Christmas shopping! And you still have the Christmas Day lunches, Boxing Day catch ups and New Years Eve celebrations ahead. It’s certainly a busy time for many women, organising the logistics or running the show.

How do you cope? Do you love this time of year or dread it?

There are some women who thrive at this time of year? They love the variety, they thrive from the excitement, they look forward to the connections with friends and family. This busyness fuels their energy, getting them ready for the new year ahead. It’s a relief from the mundane everyday routine.

But there are others, who don’t look forward to it. They don’t like the lack of routine that comes with the holidays, they don’t like having to be sociable, they don’t cope very well with the stress and extra load. They finish the Christmas/New Year period feeling depleted and in need of a break or a desire to get back to a normal, uneventful routine.

Did you know that your genetics and current health may actually affect the way you view this time of year?

Each person has a unique biology, affecting not only your physical body but also the way your mind copes and thrives in certain situations. And whilst we are all unique we have similarities and common features to others. The way we handle bus