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Individual and Family Consultations Available

Your initial consultation is all about finding out about you.  Your presenting symptoms, health goals, your overall health, diet, and lifestyle are comprehensively reviewed. Following this, you will be given a few simple guidelines (dietary and/or lifestyle) to implement. These will be designed for you to be achievable and to fit in with your existing commitments, beliefs, goals and constraints.  I will explain to you why I believe that you need to make these changes. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use a good quality nutritional supplement to support the dietary recommendations.  Recipes, sample meal plans or further information may also be supplied to support you to optimise your health.

It is recommended that you return for a follow up consultation approximately 2-4 weeks afterwards.  This is a shorter appointment time to enable your symptoms to be reassessed and your dietary and lifestyle modifications to be reviewed. For some this might be all that is required but for others this might be part of a longer-term process to continue to optimise your health. Some people actually like the accountability of regular scheduled appointments to keep on track. Please ask for details on ‘package’ options available when booking.

Skype consultations are possible.

Unsure what you will need? Please request a free 15 minute phone call to discuss further.

Initial Consultation (Family)


Approx. 2hrs duration. Designed for up to 5 family members living in the same household requiring nutritional advice for a similar reason.  This could be one adult with four children or two adults with three children or a couple.  Please note that if there are significantly different health issues, as deemed by Julie Landon, for any family member, they will be charged as an individual.

Follow Up (Individual)


Approx 45 min duration. Following up from your initial consultation. Packages available if more than one follow up required.

Follow Up Consultation (Family)


Approx. 45 mins duration. Following up from your initial consultation as a family. Packages available if more than one follow up required.


Please book an appointment via the links above, phone, or email. In-person consultations are preferred. Online consultations are possible, however,   provided the quality of service and safety of the client is not compromised, for those living outside the Illawarra. Please note payment for online consultations will be taken prior to or at commencement of consultation.


Health Fund Rebates

Rebates for in-person consultations should be available from the following Australian Health Funds depending upon your level of cover: AHM, Australian Unity, CBHS, HBF, Medibank Private, NIB, Westfund.  Please note that online consultations or nutritional supplements are not claimable. 


Payment Methods

Payments are due prior to or at the time of consultation. I accept direct bank deposit, card and cash payments only.

Initial Consultation (Individual)


Approx. 90 mins. For the individual.

"Julie took a very detailed case of me and seemed very very good at thinking outside the box"


Other Services

Julie Landon offers a range of additional services to individuals, families and small groups aimed at educating and empowering you to make nourishing food choices.  Julie also runs workshops and/or presentations to businesses, schools, preschools, community groups or even groups of friends on a range of topics which is continually growing or can be customised to your group's needs.

Please enquire further if you are interested in any of the following:

A Nourishing Pantry

Available Now

Need help to stock your pantry with nourishing foods. Open the cupboard door and don’t know where to start? Confused about what to buy?

I will visit your home to help you go through your pantry, fridge and freezer. I will advise you on which products are nourishing, and which should be replaced. Together, we will organise your kitchen, provide you with a shopping list to restock and some suggestions on what to look out for when doing your shopping.

Healthy Shopping 

Available Now

Confused about which products to buy? Don’t understand food labels? Spend more money and time than you intend each time you shop?

I will meet you at your preferred shopping location and take you on a tour of the shop discussing the best choices you can make according to your budget and your needs. I will help you understand food labels, critically review advertising claims and empower you to fill your basket with healthy options.

Workshops, Presentations & Incursions


Catch Those Cold Bugs.

Learn how Agent Antiox and his super squad help Kai catch the lost cold bugs. This exciting story inspires discussion on healthy food choices, personal hygiene and our incredible immune system.  Incursion includes interactive story-telling, fun colouring activities, informative parent hand-out and more.  Recommended for 3-6 years. Suitable for preschools, primary (K-1) schools, playgroups, daycare & OOSH.  Enquire now for further information and pricing.


More topics will be available soon. Alternatively, if you have a particular topic in mind please contact me.

“Julie was fantastic, easy to talk with and very knowledgeable. After reviewing [my son's] diet (which I considered reasonably healthy) Julie was able to give me great advice on some changes I could try,  some foods to cut out and other foods to try and add to his diet. .... Within 7 – 10 days  of making these changes my son was having less meltdown moments and the huge thing for us was he was sleeping through the whole night. The changes Julie suggested have definitely helped our son and we continue to follow her advice each day.”

Julie P