What My Clients Are Saying

"Talking with Julie was a very good experience, she was so helpful.  Julie took the time to listen to me and she made me feel really comfortable in sharing the most embarrassing things about my body. She designed a plan for my needs that took into account my medical conditions. I was very impressed that she took the time to research my medical conditions before my appointment. I would recommend Julie to anyone."


"Julie took a very detailed case of me and seemed very very good at thinking outside the box"


“I had a consultation with Julie to discuss the nutritional needs of my then 2 yr old son who has autism spectrum disorder. After doing a great deal research on ASD, after he was diagnosed, I was searching for any help I could give him and the dietary links kept being referred to in so many of the studies I had read.  Julie was fantastic, easy to talk with and very knowledgeable. After reviewing his diet (which I considered reasonably healthy) Julie was able to give me great advice on some changes I could try, some foods to cut out and other foods to try and add to his diet. Plus, I also got great advice on better snack options for not only my son but my other 3 children as well. Within 7 – 10 days of making these changes, my son was having less meltdown moments and the huge thing for us was he was sleeping through the whole night. The changes Julie suggested have definitely helped our son and we continue to follow her advice each day.  I would definitely recommend seeing Julie if you have any concerns about you or a family member’s diet and nutritional needs.”

Julie P

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