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Work With Me

I work mostly with women, offering one-to-one consultations providing holistic nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, coaching and support. 


Consultations are ONLY offered via video call (telehealth), making it extremely convenient and accessible for you. No parking, no time wasting and no babysitters required! 


I can support you with:

  • Weight Struggles & Metabolic Issues

  • Sleep Troubles, Low Energy & Stress

  • Hormone Imbalance, Hot Flushes & Period Problems 

  • Managing Moods, Anxiety & Brain Fog

  • Irritable Gut, Digestive Health and Detoxification

My aim is to find and manage the underlying cause(s) as well as providing relief to the acute presenting symptom(s). I use a natural,  holistic and personalised approach that incorporates wholefoods, nutrition and modifying  lifestyle habits supporting your hormones and whole body to optimise function and balance. Good, quality nutritional supplements may also be prescribed, where needed. 


Testing, such as Compatibility Test, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, GI MicroBiome Mapping and Hormone Testing is available and may be recommended to assist in finding that underlying cause.  


Using a natural approach and changing lifetime habits rarely provides long-term results in just one or two appointments. For most women, it is necessary to see me several times, over a few months, to achieve and sustain your long-term health goals. 

Health Fund Rebates for Australian Clients

Rebates for in-person consultations should be available from the following Australian Health Funds depending upon your level of cover: AHM, Australian Unity, CBHS, HBF, Medibank Private, NIB, Westfund.  Please note that online consultations may not be claimable.


Please note that I use My Appointments platform for my bookings calendar. You will be requested to create a client account even if you are just booking a FREE Complimentary Call.


Payment is by card only, taken at time of booking for new clients. Please contact me directly if you need an alternative option. 

Complimentary Call


I offer 15 min complimentary calls - this is a great way to get to know each other before working further with me. It’s a chance to discuss your main struggles and discover how I can help you. It’s free and there is no-obligation to book anything more if you feel that my approach is not what you are looking for.


Initial Consultation


Your first consultation enables me to gather all the information I need to understand your current concerns, food and lifestyle habits plus your background health history. Lots of questions will be asked. Together, we will begin to identify the underlying cause(s) and establish your health goals. You will leave this consultation with one or two simple tasks like keeping a food diary. I will then spend a further 30-60 minutes creating a Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan for you. This appointment will take 60 minutes.


First Follow Up


Your first follow up appointment is usually scheduled about a week after your initial consultation. We will discuss my prepared Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan, with the opportunity to modify it as we go. We will also review the tasks you were set at the initial consultation. This appointment will take 30-45 minutes.


Follow Up


Depending upon your Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan you may need further consultations with me for ongoing review, support and accountability. These appointments are 30-45 minutes in duration and may occur at fortnightly, monthly or longer intervals. Any existing client, who has had an appointment within the last 12 months, may book a follow up appointment at any time. 

The IN SYNC Method

DOORS CURRENTLY OPEN!- A group program combining a unique personalised approach to nourishing your whole body within a small supportive community of women on a similar, yet individual, journey.

What my clients say....

"Talking with Julie was a very good experience. She was so helpful. Julie took the time to listen to me and she made me feel really comfortable in sharing the most embarrassing things about my body. She designed a plan for my needs that took into account my medical conditions. I would recommend Julie to anyone." Deb

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