I support women and girls to optimise their health to be the best version of themself.

Whether you are a girl approaching puberty or a woman navigating menopause, your body needs nourishment to thrive. A simple concept that should be easy to accomplish. Yet, so often this is a challenge.


 I use a holistic nutritional medicine approach with precision health coaching to identify your unique body's needs and empower you to make sustainable, healthy food and lifestyle choices to optimise their health now and in the future.

Women need to nourish their own bodies first to be at their best for their needs and to support their loved ones.

My In Sync program has been created to empower and support women in their 40s and 50s.

Girls approaching/going through puberty need nourishment to support their bodies and mind as they change

My Nourish & Shine program has been created to educate and support girls aged 11-16 years.

1:1 nutrition consultations are available for those not wishing to join a program or as an addition to their chosen program.

Testing is also offered.


Julie Landon

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Julie Landon Nutritionist

I am a busy mum to three children, including two teenage daughters. I understand it can be a challenging time to parent. I am also a woman in my late 40s. I recognise that my body is changing as I head towards menopause. But, I am also a nutritionist and I know that both myself and my family benefit when we are nourished through our food, our exercise and our lifestyle choices.  I would love to support you or your family through these stages of life too.