Julie Landon

Optimising the health of my family has always been my priority; however, I was often confused about the conflicting information presented in the media, in magazines, and even by health professionals.  As a family, we always enjoyed a wide range of foods, home cooked meals, baking and even growing our own veggies.  We rarely ate ready-made meals and takeaways but, as many of us do, packet snacks, biscuits, cereals and juice were often in my shopping trolley.  I really thought I was providing nourishing foods for my family.

Just over ten years ago, I attended a workshop on family nutrition at my daughter’s preschool. The seed was sown!  I began to question some of our family’s food choices wondering if I could improve them. There was definitely room for more veggies! A few months later, I also went on a weight loss programme at my local gym. I didn’t have stacks to lose, I wasn’t overweight, but I just wanted to shift the extra few kilos remaining from two pregnancies and to get fitter. In 3 months, I lost 7.5 kg, felt stronger and more energetic. There’s no doubt that the increase in exercise definitely contributed but I really believe that it was the change in my food intake that was the most important factor. I didn’t count calories, nor limit any food groups; I ate what I wanted but simply watched portion sizes according to the guidelines I had been given for each day.  There was a knock-on effect to the rest of the family, as I gained more interest in the nutritional side of food.

From a young age, I had always known that I wanted to help people, especially children and teenagers, but I was not sure exactly how I would do this. Initially, I was a high school teacher but following almost ten years of being a stay-at-home mum, I decided that I didn’t want to return to the classroom. And so, with my evolving interest in nutrition, I enrolled into an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine course.  This was an opportunity for me to truly understand what foods I should be providing my own family but also I would be able to support and help other families too.  

My family is growing up quickly; my kids are now teens or pre-teens. Not only am I faced with new challenges as a mum but I'm also dealing with changes in my own body as I progress through my 40s.  Many of my friends are in the same boat too! I'm finding that my personal circumstances and my passion for supporting children’s health are influencing my choices in professional development as I seek to find out more about food, nutrition and lifestyle, and children’s health, adolescent health, puberty, women’s health, pregnancy and perimenopause. I cannot wait to share my knowledge with you and your family too.

I am truly passionate about helping you optimise your health by educating and empowering you to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. I believe that, where possible, we should be consuming foods that are grown sustainably in order to protect our environment now and in the future.  Without this, our planet will no longer be able to provide for us.  Fortunately, consuming whole foods is the first step for both of these outcomes no matter which stage in life you are.

I look forward to working with you.

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Natural Fertility, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Gastrointestinal Tract 



Adrenal, Stress & Sleep


Women's Health

Life Stages of Women

Postnatal Depletion Syndrome


Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine

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Master of Science (Environmental Science)

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Accredited Member of  the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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