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Hello, I'm Julie Landon

I'm a nutritionist, precision health coach and a woman in my 40s, who is passionate about supporting women to be empowered, nourished and supported as they face the challenges of perimenopause alongside the existing demands of modern life. 


I live in Wollongong, on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales, Australia with my wonderful family. My three amazing kids (two of which are teens!) make me proud every day as I watch them grow and mature into creative, determined and caring young people. As a family, we love the outdoors - to camp, to bushwalk, and, quite often, you’ll find us down at our local beach (even in winter!).

Taking a walk along the beach is one of my favourite ways to wind down after a busy week or you might find me working from my car, parked with a view out over the ocean - it helps to gather my thoughts, to be creative and to simply just think!

My Approach

Perimenopause is a time when we need to slow down and to take care of ourselves but it’s often difficult - I know! I’m with you on this journey too. 

I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a business owner. I’m also going through perimenopause, experiencing and managing my own set of symptoms. 


I get it!


As a dedicated and conscientious practitioner, I see you as being unique. We are all unique in our biology and in our circumstance. Our uniqueness needs acknowledgement and understanding to nurture our body’s strengths and to work through our weaknesses. Advice that nourishes one person often does not assist the next. 


I utilise the power of ‘food as medicine’ and lifestyle change in a way that is holistic and precise to your unique biology and circumstance. I am not the practitioner who will give you the same advice as I gave to someone else with similar symptoms. I will not tell you to count calories or ditch your coffee (unless it really needs to go)! I encourage you to find balance and enjoyment -  in the foods that you eat, in the physical activity you do and  in the choices you make as a woman, a mum, an employee or by whomever else may be demanding of your time.


I may only be a few steps ahead on this perimenopausal journey, or perhaps even behind, but it’s enough! 


You know that I am listening and you will be heard. 


My compassion, my empathy and my insight combined with my nutritional medicine knowledge, clinical experience and desire to keep learning is more than enough to guide and support you on your journey through your 40s, your 50s and beyond. 


I would love to help you find balance feel lightness and ease.

Qualifications & recognition

Endorsed PH360 Health Coach

Advance Diploma Nutritional Medicine

Post-Graduate Certificate of Education

Master of Science (Environmental Science)

Bachelor of Science

Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

(Member Number: 29613)

Continuing Professional Development

Areas of Interest

Precision Health


Gastrointestinal tract

Adrenal, Stress & Sleep


Women's Health

Perimenopause & Menopause

Life Stages of Women

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