The nutrition needs of 0-12 year olds are diverse just as they themselves are individuals with unique bodies, lifestyles and challenges. 

As their body’s change and they cope with  increased peer influences and academic pressures,  teenagers often find balancing their nutrition needs a challenge.

Women, of any age, need to nourish their own bodies first to be at their best for their needs and to support their family. 

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Optimise your health one bite at a time

Julie Landon is a qualified nutritionist who is passionate about helping women and families optimise their health one bite at a time. 

From preconception to birth, from infancy to adolescence, from first-time mum to menopause, no matter the stage of life, your body needs nourishment to thrive. A simple concept that should be easy to accomplish. Yet, so often this is a challenge.


 Julie uses a holistic nutritional medicine approach to support and care for her clients' health needs through preconception, pregnancy, childhood, adolescence and beyond.  She endeavours to educate and empower her clients to make sustainable, healthy food and lifestyle choices to optimise their health now and in the future.


Julie Landon

I am a mum to three children; I know what it is like to be pregnant, to have a baby, a small child, or a teenager needing you. Becoming a mum is life changing, being a mum is incredible. But I understand that it can be a tough time too. Not only this, but I am a 45+ year old woman; my body has needs as well as I journey towards menopause.  But I am also a nutritionist and I truly believe that it is possible to optimise our health by making the best food and lifestyle choices available to us. I would love to support you or your family through these stages of life together.

Julie Landon Nutritionist
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