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Supporting you to keep chaotic hormones in sync through perimenopause and beyond

Over 35?

Difficulty sleeping?
Sneaky weight gain?
Hot flushes? Crazy mood swings?
Are your hormones causing havoc?

Look no further!


Hi, I'm Julie.
I help women, transitioning through perimenopause and beyond, who are tired, overweight, and fed up to find balance, lightness and ease through whole body nourishment and support.

Perimenopause is a natural stage in every woman’s life. It usually occurs in your 40s or early 50s. Just as you transitioned through puberty in your teens, as your body matured and your hormones established, you may well have experienced some bothersome symptoms like irregular periods, pain or acne. Perimenopause is similar. It’s like puberty in reverse. Your hormones are changing again. Your body, mind and metabolism is readjusting to find a new balance. As it does, you may experience a symphony of new and strange symptoms.  For many women it can be an extremely challenging time, especially in the modern world of constant stress and demand. 


I believe that the best way to experience an easy perimenopause is to be empowered, to nourish your whole body and to be supported as you adjust to your new norm.


Read up on perimenopause, common symptoms and why you might be experiencing them.

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Get personalised advice and support with me. All appointments are online. 

 A 6 week group program for women, who want to thrive during perimenopause 

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Here's How I Can Help You


Julie Landon

Hi, I'm Julie Landon, a nutritionist, precision health coach and a woman in my 40s.

I am passionate about supporting women to be empowered, nourished and supported as they face the challenges of perimenopause alongside the existing demands of modern life. Perimenopause is a time when we need to slow down and to take care of ourselves but it’s often difficult - I know! I’m with you on this journey too.

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