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Will HRT help me lose weight?

So you’re in your late 40s or your early 50s and you’ve noticed your weight increasing, just a little but it’s not going away. You’re noticing a few hot flushes, becoming daily. You’re having trouble sleeping and the difficulty concentrating and the lack of energy is really affecting your work. You’re busy. You haven’t got time for this. Your eating habits are pretty good (or so you believe) and you do a little exercise when you can fit it in but you need a solution, a quick fix, something that will help with the symptoms and will help halt the weight gain…. It’s the weight gain that bothers you the most. You hate looking in the mirror at yourself. You struggle to feel comfortable in your clothes and, oh my goodness, it’s summertime and the family want to visit the beach again!

Is there anything that will help?

You’ve googled. You’ve joined a ‘menopause’ facebook group. You’ve talked to your colleague who is just that little bit older. And they all have suggested going on HRT.

Is this the answer? Will HRT help you to lose weight (as well as fix all those other symptoms)?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or Menopause Hormone Therapy (MHT), as it is now known, is a medication that contains female hormones. It is commonly prescribed by a doctor to treat symptoms like hot flushes. The main hormone is oestrogen but the exact form or combination of hormones will