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The Importance of Reducing Stress for Your Overall Health

Stress has been found to contribute to a number of health conditions and diseases. Just think about it for a moment - can you relate to any of these: working too much, looming exams, busy & tired mum, marriage problems, financial worries, health concerns?

69-90% of the problems that bring people to doctors are stress-related

All have the potential to build up, become overwhelming, difficult to manage and take a toll on your health. In this post, I aim to explain further how this happens within your body and how seemingly unrelated health problems may be caused or exacerbated by stress.

“the physiological threat or challenge to an individual’s state of balance…..It is experienced as physical, psychological or emotional signs and symptoms”

This means that stress is a demand on your body to adjust; it can be negative, such as fear or injury, or positive, such as falling in love. The general association of ‘stress’ more often stems from ‘distress’, which is usually likened to a situation or event that goes beyond your ability to cope with it or to adjust. So, I’m going to focus more on this association of the word.

Stress Response