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4 Benefits of Precision Health for Women in Perimenopause

Imagine a small boat with just you in it. You're on a journey down a river. The boat is not brand new, it’s been put to good use over the years. Parts of it are rusting, there’s some holes and so, although it does sort of float, it keeps filling with water. You have to keep bailing out the water or else she’ll fill up and sink. You’ve got this!

After a while, it’s exhausting. As fast as you bung up one hole, there seems to be another one you hadn’t discovered before. Many tiny little holes that you didn’t realise were there. You're tired of filling up the holes. And now there’s some rapids and rocks ahead? How do you navigate to avoid the rocks, which would put more holes in your boat, whilst all your efforts are on bailing out the water and fixing up the remaining holes? Including the ones that are probably there that you haven’t discovered yet!

Will you ever get all the holes fixed in your boat?

Sometimes you might be feeling this about your health. You can identify and work on the ‘big’ issues but you still don't feel quite right and it’s these ongoing small problems that aren’t helping you get on top of things again.