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How to cope with study stress as your HSC exams approach.

In a little over two months, written HSC exams in New South Wales will have commenced; some practical exams will start sooner. It’s been a difficult year with the closure of schools and disruption to ‘normal’ lives but nonetheless 75,000 students around New South Wales, and more throughout Australia are on the count down to this final step in their schooling aka the beginning of their future. Are you one of them? For many, this is an incredibly stressful period, yet there are natural ways to make this time a little more endurable. Read on to discover my recommendations.


Ok, I know this is a time when you are probably reaching for the pick me up sugary snacks or the coffees to get you through your study load but I strongly recommend that you actually cut back on these. Caffeine and sugar are stimulants that can affect the way your body deals with #stress. I’m not saying leave them out all together but maybe limit the coffee or tea to once a day and replace with plenty of water or herbal teas (chamomile and lemon balm are great for calming). The sugary snacks would be better replaced with a handful of nuts, a blissball or a piece of fruit.

Not only is sugar a stimulant but it’s also a high glycemic food, meaning that it causes energy spikes quickly after eating followed by energy slumps causing you to reach out for that sugary snack or coffee once again. One of the best ways to avoid getting into this cycle during the day is to make sure that you have a really wholesome, #protein rich breakfast. Breakfast? Yep, that’s right breakfast! If you really can’t stomach breakfast first thing, then that’s OK, aim to have a nourishing morning tea instead. Eggs, porridge, overnight-oats and smoothies are great breakfasts and the latter two could easily be consumed for morning tea (even at recess at school).

In general, I advise eating as naturally as possible, yep that’s the wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, legumes and eggs/meat/fish. #Realfoods are going to be the best place to find #Bvitamins and #magnesium, both of which are important in managing energy levels and supporting your body to manage stress well. Try and include #omega3 in your meals too, so things like fatty fish, chia seeds, flaxseeds and walnuts as this is important within your brain and nervous system.