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A time for change: switching your family to wholefoods

Each and every week your shopping trolley is filled with mountains of processed packaged foods and you can’t miss the fact that the plastic waste from these foods fills your weekly rubbish bin to the brim. And you know that’s it not so good for your family’s health. “Eat less processed, packaged foods” “Switch to wholefoods” may feature on your list of goals for 2020, like it was for 2019, and the year before BUT it seems so hard. So to help you really make a change in 2020, I’ve come up with a few tips to get you started.

Step 1: Understand your ‘why’

In order to succeed at your goals, you need to understand the why. What is driving you to strive for these goals? Do you have a #child who suffers chronic health or #behaviour issues? Do you want to reduce your family’s environmental footprint? Do you want to reduce your grocery bill? Do you want to prevent health problems in the future?

  • Write down your reasons. Make it beautiful. Put it on the fridge. Be prepared to justify why you are making these changes.

Step 2: Feel supported

You are more likely to succeed if you are supported. Now that you have acknowledged your why, it’s time to share these reasons with your family. Is hubby on board? Are your kids open to change too? Can you work together as a family unit to make the switch? This also extends to the wider family/friends if they are significantly involved in looking after your family. It’s not going to work if Nan looks after the kids 3 days a week and feeds them biscuits, cakes and lollies!

  • Sit down with the family and talk about your why. Listen to what they think they will find difficult. Work through the obstacles together.

Step 3: Audit your pantry, fridge & freezer

It’s time to get organised. Go through every shelf in your pantry. Take out the food and clean